Tha nksbetoSara,mommyofthree,Ifinallyha veablogpage. Icometohelphe rwithhernewb ab yand shegetsmeontheblogbandwagon. Ok That bit of confusion was nathans idea, ha ha, we’re all three standing around the computer laughing. He wants me to make the whole first post like that but I’m too chicken. I’ve been having a merry ol’ time at Nathan and Sara’s, getting an in depth look of the intensity of motherhood. Yet still daydreaming about the day I get to take part in that same intensity. Eddy and Renee Came up for a few days and it was heaven, haveing so many friends around just hanging out and fellowshiping. I’ve realised that fellowship is probably my most favorite thing in the world. I feel so happy when friends are around and there’s nothing to do but hang out and reminice over all the beauty gained through shared experiences. Sometimes so happy tears start to well up around my eyes because I know no way to contain the joy. I think those are the times that God nudges my side with his elbow and says, see Renee this is what I’m talking about.