Well, Renee and Devons diet blogging has inspired me. I figure if I also blog about my own end of the dieting spectrum that me, Elena, Devon and Renee are all part of then it might be a motivator for me. First my reasons for dieting, which I don’t even like the word diet, to me it is partner to all of the other foul four letter words that your not allowed to say in church. Why? because it brings up images of low fat, fake, cardboard tasting food, and feelings of anxiety that one chocolate chip cookie mess up can throw me into a binge of everything forbidden. With each and every day the constant 2 things on my mind being, have I lost weight yet, and hmm ben and jerrys. These are the reasons dieting has never worked for me, but all this being said, I do have a bit of an un healthy love affair with sugar, that keeps that unsightly spare tire everpresent around my waist. And I know how good it feels to actually want a fruit smoothy over Vanilla heath bar crunch. So with the help of motivating diet partners and beautiful weather, I am going say bye bye to sugar once again. My diet plan is this, it’s pretty simple cause I don’t stick with things not simple. I am going to vow right now to all of my friends who read this blog, that everytime I eat sugar of any sort that’s been refined, I am going to record it in my blog (with the exception of sweetening my coffee, that will be my endulgence). That way I will be too embarrased to admit how very much sugar I eat and also I will have a lot of accountability. when I reach for that second peice of B-day cake I’ll think oh wait I’ll have to write this down on my blog, and then I’ll be more inclined to pass it up. But I’m not going to completly deny myself , I won’t say no b-day cake at all. So this is my plan. And I hope it works.