I now belong to a mexican family in a sense, and another woman bears my last name. I’ve never realised how magical a siblings wedding could be until finally experiencing one. On May 18th I started my long drive down to southern California stopping at Saras house along the way, always looking for a good excuse to drive for hours on end and visit far away friends I seldom get to see. As I got to the great vine I knew that my poor little car (I like to call Big Bertha) was not the sweet young vibrant thing is used to be, so I kept to the right side of the road preparing mentally and physically for what do do if it overheated, and sure enough within the first couple of minutes the needle started to steadily climb to the big red bar. So I pulled off the road in a bit of dispair and waited for someone who knew what they were doings car to overheat. Not that it was lucky for the two sweet little old men but it was lucky for me that they fell into my same bad luck and they were able to help me out. I kept my fear that there engine was going to explode to myself when I watched them first turn there water nozzle, and fountains of hot yellowy water came violently shooting out. After helping me with my own car and showing me what to do if it were to happen again I thanked them, thanked them and thanked them again, then was on my way with that wonderful feeling of just a bit more life experience gained. I now know what to do in an overheating experience. Well kind of. Anyway hmm I love long rode trips. Especially down to southern Cali, With the music blaring and the window only halfway down so the wind can’t ruffle my frizzy hair too much. Once finally making it to what should have been an hour to my brothers house I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour and a half with still 30 miles to go. The whole time I kept my heater full blast becuase my car seamed like it kept wanting to overheat and I’ve heard it helps to have the heater on. So with no wind to keep me cool I sat, sweat gathering behind my knees rolling down my neck and drip drip dripping. I was running very late because the rehersal dinner was that night, so I tried calling my mom from a pay phone again which I had tried earlier but the stupid (and I say stupid very bitterly and with much passion) card wasn’t working. Finally after talking to a very rude phone card operater I got it figured out and finally got through to my brother. All I was going to tell him was that I was running late, so don’t worry maybe leave the keys under a mat or something and directions to rehersal dinner. But I was greeted with a, (in a very bigger Responsible brother to younger irresponsible sister kinda way) “Renee how is any one supposed to know where you are? where were you going? we’re not at my house we’re at Nancys moms house. Moms been worried sick she thought you were going to be here yesterday, she didn’t sleep at all last night. blah blah blah and so on” if you ask my mom she’ll say I didn’t tell her I was staying at my friends house, if you ask me I’ll say I did. Anyway Thankfully Nancys moms house (Nancy is the girl who now shares my last name) was in the other direction with no traffic. I made it there all sweaty and exasperated, and met my new soon to be Mexican family. That was the night before the wedding it still hadn’t hit me quite yet that my brother was even engaged let alone getting married the next day.
That night I shared a couch with my little sissy Candice who started to fall asleep before me and I just wouldn’t have that, cause I was still in the mood to talk and laugh at funny magazine pictures be silly and remenice. So I kept waking her up saying, hey Can, Can, Hey Can, look at this picture, until it finally got impossible and no longer fun to wake her up.
The next day was a busy day washing, shampooing blowdrying, and primping for the wedding. With three woman and one poor man sharing one bathroom. But somehow we were all about ready on time and off to the country club were the wedding was to take place. As I saw my family from both sides start to pile in (a truly joyful and momentous occasion) the reallness started to set in, my brother is getting married. Now there were a few mess ups in the wedding coordination like the wedding march starting to go off when my brother walked down the isle. And a heartbreaking reality of my Grandpas memory loss when he kept saying loudely during the ceremony what a cruel joke it was to play on him to bring him to his grandsons wedding with out having told him anything about it. But seeing a look on my brothers face that was breathtakingly startlesome as he caught sight of his bride walking down the aisle, time seemed to pause for a moment as I realised, wow life is now beggining, a new chapter of neices and nephews, cousins and memories, and I truly believe That I witnessed something magical.