Over the last few days God has been oiling the machinery of my brain to finally learn what I’ve been needing to learn. The one thing that I need to make most important is to love God. Simple concept yes, but to a whole new depth I had yet to comprehend. It may be one of the outermost layers of this realization onion yet so encouraging that there are so many more to discover. Lately I have been so consumed with the uncertanty of what my next step in life should be. Should I stay or go, do this or that, so many ideas that all seem to simoultanously make sense and not make sense at all. Along with the condemnation that I don’t make the best of lifes circumstances. I had what felt like the longest lonliest winter, but looking back I realise that I could have really used that time to deepen my relationship and knowledge of God. My thoughts are so bombarded with should haves, could haves, what to do’s and what not to do’s that there’s no room to simply just be in awe of God. Now I feel an excitment and calm that only work hand in hand, knowing that I don’t need to strive to make anything happen for God. I don’t need to worry about what I should be doing for God. All I need to do, is love God, know God, fear God more than anything else, and in the mean time he will put me on the right path, not becuase he needs me, but becuase I need him.