Yesterday I had a message from my mom and she was saying, Renee, Darwin is playing a joke on me he and a guy named Steve that owns some tire place say that you are dating him, I know there messing with me but just call me back and set my mind at rest. So I call her back and say,

Steve, he fixed my tires for me, yah we’re dating.

That’s not funny, Darwin called you didn’t he, he told you what to say.

No he didn’t I promise, me and Steve are dating,

Renee stop, this isn’t funny

of course it’s not funny, my love isn’t a joke

Renee! So I suppose it doesn’t matter to you that Steve is my age and gets drunk all the time

Well maybe I see something special in him, he has a good heart.

Renee! When did Darwin call you

He didn’t I promise I haven’t talked to Darwin

Renee! you’re being mean, you’re lying to me!

No I’m not, me and Steve are together

Ewww I’m so mad at you and Darwin right now


Renee! this isn’t funny anymore! Just tell me the truth

I am!

Oh! so it doesn’t matter that Steve has a girlfriend

Well he’s not married

Renee! he said he took you on his boat, when have you had time to do that while you’ve been in town

I came to town when you didn’t know, I didn’t want anyone to know I was in town, cause I wanted to spend all my time with him

Renee, fine I’m gonna call Darwin and make him tell me the truth


alright (long pause) …….. Renee! I know you’re lying to me

Well you can believe whatever you want

I’m gonna call Darwin

go for it

alright (another long pause) …….. (the I’m gonna call Darwins and long pauses go on for a While)

Then finally she gets off the phone, leaving me quite amused and wondering who this Steve guy is anyway.