Do what you love, but do it for God. By this rule I’ve determined to live my life. What are the things that I love so much? I love that my two legs can take me anywhere and that my only boss is God. I love that dancing is something that you do with your whole body and that no matter how cold it gets, there is always hope for warmths return. I love that people need each other and that no one is perfect. I love that one day I will be able to knit a sweater, and maybe tan a hide. I love that I am sitting on a bench warmed by the sun in the midst of neighborly people. I love that winter is over. Boy do I love that winter is over. I love that I don’t feel quilty any more for disliking winter so much. I love that I have determined to age gracefully and that as I have been finding out people are alot less intimidating than I had earlier imagined. I love that love can not be taken away from me, and that hope can’t be taken from love. I love that I am sitting on this bench with my whole life ahead of me, and that I have experienced enough winters to know that they always end leaving me that much more appreciative of life and more able to handle the ferocity of love.