About a month and a half ago I flew off, into the future in a big white time machine breaking time zones like a flying bull. Into another life. an enchanting one. It filled some longing I have, a side of me that has been stagnant, staring off without thought. I don’t really have the best imagination I’ve come to find out. I need experience, I need as much experience as possible for my mind to stay alive. Turkey was perfect for that. Istanbul was absolutely mystical. Grey misty warmth hovering about engulfing and moving me along the stone streets. Domed mosques, magical flying carpets everywhere. Of course they weren’t flying, they must only do that when no ones watching. Being away from home I was home. Meeting new people and hanging out with them for hours, speaking my favorite language. The one every human being knows. The one you use when words are useless, cultures are different and the only common ground is humanity.