Oh for the days when my social life looked more like the television show friends (without all the naughty talk) than it does well, a television show that looks like the opposite of friends(I don’t watch a lot of telly). I remember a time when breakfast lunch and dinner I had a gang. We had inside jokes, we had “hey cards again tonight” and “so what are we doing this weekend”. There was never a dull moment. Now though, I am last single woman standing. Please let me know of any of my kind out there. Of course I’ve really loved living around families, and have learned so much about motherhood before my time to join the ‘hood, and now when I visit with other mommy’s I have stories to tell as well. “Well my friend Rachel’s kid did this, and my friend Candace’s kid did that, and did I tell you about the time when little leafy did that really cute thing. I just feel like I’m hovering somewhere in between the exciting single life and heart warming family life without an anchor. I’m just free floating anchorless Renee who’s been watching too many friends episodes because she downloaded the entire first season from i-tunes. Speaking of which I have B&J’s in the freezer and a few more episodes to watch. So I guess I’m done ranting.