I was in a coffee shop yesterday visiting with two friends after a two week long period of holding down the fort, all by my lonesome. Because of my extrovertedness and therefore need of people to be rejuvenated back to myself , I was quite rejuvenated, and it showed through talkativeness and silly delirium. Everything was making me giggle. Especially when I posted a comment on someone’s blog but didn’t realize that my friend Mark had been on my computer and he was still logged into his own blog account, so when I posted the comment that said “your post gave me the giggles” my friends man head popped up next to the comment. And I was in hysterics to no end that my friend Mark told a lady that her post gave him the giggles. As this was happening I looked up and my hysterics quieted down as I caught sight of my old tank top. It was moving to the beat of some new lady, once a unique treasure that I had found in one of the most authentic thrift stores I know of, the kind that has racks but have long since been lost inside the mountainous piles of storage smelling clothing. It struck me as a very interesting phenomenon. How often does one see a person wearing there old things after giving them to thrifts. This lady 10 feet from me had no idea that she was wearing the shirt that I wore for eight years. What was once a treasure to me really had become a treasure to someone else.