We haven’t had any internet access at the land, and I am embarrasses to admit, it’s all my fault. I downloaded the whole entire first season of friends a few weeks ago not knowing how that will spike our satellite blood pressure, like sugar to a hypoglycemic. I however have had lots of time to just think and think and I love that. The funny thing is that, really I have an overabundance of time to think and think but it’s not till I’m around people and activity that I actually do think and ponder life. I am an extrovert and so I am refreshed by people, people make me feel alive, I need people. We have had a lot of guest coming through the land lately, there always seems to be people hanging out in the big house (our communal area) playing music, talking, conversations. So with my thinking lately has come some thoughts on my life’s values. I’ve decided to make some values for my life, they are “what comes in and what goes out”. Meaning, I’m going to start being very aware of what comes in, healthy nourishing food, beauty and art in what I read and watch, nothing that doesn’t edify my spiritual walk, and what goes out, what I speak, encouraging loving words nothing that would hurt another, nothing spoken in fear or insecurity. This will be difficult but it’s a goal, it’s also pretty boiled down. I don’t mean I won’t be silly or crack jokes, or have simple conversations for the sake of conversation, I just want a guide line for my life to keep it simple wholesome and real.