Just a quick little update on my travels. I’ve been staying with good friends in Washington and Oregon, and am now sitting in a train station waiting for my next adventure down to southern California to visit some family. When my friends dropped me off at the train station I got out of the car and did a little dance move that’s been stuck in my head. Unfortunately the move looked like a wave to the wrong person who was watching me from the second story window of a bar across the street. When I made eye contact I quickly turned around embarrassed and snuggled safely close to my friends. Then as we were getting my things out of the car, I see the guy coming towards us staring at me with a big creepy smile. He starts rambling incoherently to us, obviously drunk and a little crazy so we just kind of ignore him and come into the station, and peacefully say our goodbyes there. When I bought my ticket I told the the amtrak worker that there is a weird man outside just to let him know. Then he, obviously in a silly mood said, oh no the weird guy is right here and pointed to his co-worker. Then they asked me questions about the man who was bugging me and assured me that there are quite a few crazys around here. Then silly amtrak man said, “yah there used to be a crazy guy who was always hanging out around here pulling his pants down, but then we hired him, and here he is (pointing to his co-worker again). I looked over at his co-worker and he was nodding with an agreeable comical smile.