I’m at my friends house Mark and TJ, and babblin’ on as I do, about my need to write a new post and how difficult it is when its been so long. I need the perfect conditions, “I’ll spend a lot of time at a coffee shop when I am visiting my friend in town that’s what I’ll do, It will be the first time since being back from Guinea that I will be alone with my thoughts in a coffee shop with my own lap top.” ” Just write a post now” my friend Mark says, “Nooooo, That’s not what I neeeeed, I need special condiiiiiitions,” says I.
Well, what if I make you a latte?” …. “OK.” I agree.
I am back from Guinea, more on that later, maybe I will even figure out how to put some video footage on a post.
Since I’ve been back, I’ve spent 3 weeks in Portland, then a couple home and now a week at my friends Mark and TJ. I am on a road trip. Visiting friends and family before I move to India. TJ and Mark and there son Eric the bold are a hoot. The most hospitable family you will meet. Pretty fun as well, they’ve been humoring me with my obsession with card-games. Not to mention they’re just plain silly with me.

Here’s some proof

And here’s some proof of there endless hospitality

This is a family that I like to call “The Best of the Best”