Ella Fitzgerald is the best choice for a surreal rainy, and humid Indian morning. I have made it. No trash heaps yet. It’s quite lush here. My backyard is the jungle. The kind with vines, strait from the jungle book. I went into town yesterday and it makes me think of an Italian town with a monsoon jungle crowding around all the aging stores. An Italian India. The house we are house sitting has a dog that is in love with me already. He’s good at giving loving puppy dog eyes that just scream pet me please I am your new best friend. We also have a maid, that kind of came with the house as well. She’s very sweet and wears beautiful, colorful indian clothes. I am still a little dazed, and I am sure each day will come with an assortment of emotions, but I have made it, and so now I am going to listen to Ella.