It has been a true monsoon last couple of days, rain rain, non stop, (well little stops here and there, but that doesn’t sound as dramatic). I’ve even been sleeping with a little bowl on my bed where big water drops fall heavy from the ceiling with a loud splat. My favorite rain is the strong one that brings cool breezes roaming throughout the house. The other day me and Jaya (our maid) put on masks that she makes from scratch, she explained the mask as “it’s only the dust taking out”. It’s was a funny site, the dog was prancing up and down yipping at our scary faces. Then I started taking pictures of her and myself on my computer. She really got a kick out of the pictures that distort your face.
In case you would like to make this mask at home
these are the ingredients,

garbanzo bean flour
cream or milk
rose water
I don’t know the proportions
you leave it on for 10-15minutes