Yesterday the monsoon calmed down a bit, like God drawing the rainy curtains aside to peer through and smile on us, I was so eager to get out and about that I was willing to venture in to Mapusa again. I needed to do somethings in town and Chinua knows were everything is so I was going to follow him. Let me just say, of all the days to go into the city, the one clear day after many rainy days is the craziest. the roads were so crowded, with little motorcycles and scooters edging through and weaving into any open place on the road, pedestrians, bicycles, big dirty work trucks, buses, men (old and young) grasping with all there might onto huge bundles of produce wile crossing the street. And then timid me. Chinua was even shocked at how busy it was. So we stopped at the coffee shop, and hung out for a while. After that it was pretty exciting, I really started to get the hang of driving around in the busy chaos of the city. Then we decided to go to Panjin, another city 20 minutes away. We went back home to get helmets because that is the law here, you must take helmets on the freeway. I found the freeway to be much more scary than Mapusa, it wasn’t crowded at all but we went at a greater speed, and I found there was to much time to think, my thinking going toward falling off the scooter and how much it would hurt and praying for it to never ever happen, while the winds blowing against my side made my scooter want to swerve.
After running our last errands in Panjin we came back through the freeway with one last errend in Mapusa on the way home. Then as we were getting our scooters turned around from there parked spots at the last store a guy near by remarked “the cops are watching you guys” (cops will sometimes pull westerners over hoping for bribes) so Chinua swiftly took off (he saw the cops start to drive in our direction, I however was oblivious) going the opposite way of the cops, and I, startled, took off after him and followed through his little sneaky short cuts, till he finally slowed down and said, “I can’t believe we ditched those cops.” I was glad that I didn’t know we were trying to ditched then when we sped off.