Living in Goa has great perks. Being able to just up and rent a scooter for one, no paper work or insurance. The beautiful fields of green leaves draping over tropical hills, warmth and plenty of time to read and dream. I found a little cafe today that is also a book store, and holds a book club as well. This month the book being read is The Diving Bell and the butterfly. I bought a cup of chai while I was there and a lady working there kept remarking on how I use the same amount of sugar as her. “one spoon, oh me too, I also take one spoon. How is your chai, was that the right amount of sugar, that is also the amount that I like, are you finished, did you like your chai, it was sweet enough, it is the way I like it too.” I didn’t want to tell her that it was a bit to sweet for me.
I am feeling very excited and hopeful for what is to come. My goal is to teach west african dance, I am feeling more confident about it. Chinua knows a lot of rhythms to play on his djembe and he thinks that it will be easy to put together a makeshift dun dun (the drum that holds the base of the rhythm). I feel as though I have a chance to be me more than I ever have had in a way. In other words, I like it here.