I missed out on the monkey coming into our house today. He was sitting on the kitchen floor, Jaya had to shoo him out. I would have loved to have been there. To see the monkeys cheeky expression as it was chased away, Peepbo going crazy outside barking at the rest of the gang swinging through the trees, unaware of the actual intruder. I love these monkeys that come to steal our chicu fruits, with there grey poofy hair and black faces. I love them even though we have to yell at them and chase them away, because they come in gangs and the weight of there swinging bodies onto our roofs breaks the clay shingles. When I was trying to catch a peek of one it caught my eye and stared curiously and unalarmed.
Today at the beach I met a dutch guy. I asked him about the beach down yonder (of course I didn’t say yonder) where all the rocks were. He told me that there was a lot of wild life, monkeys, wild boars, birds with long beaks and wings that spread this wide (spreading his arms out), and tigers. “What! tigers!” I asked, “is it very scary?” (I assumed he would say no and assure me that the tigers are too far away, or stay away from people) “Yes” he said “very scary, but it’s not the tigers you have to worry about, it’s the panthers.” “The panthers!” I ask in mock horror (thinking that he’s having me on now). “Yes,” he assures, “and you also have to be careful of the elephants, they take there trunks and rope them around people and bash them on the ground, then trample them. For the next ten days they cry (he says pointing to his eyes and drawing his finger down to his cheeks) because they don’t like to do it.” ” Really,” I ask,” they cry! ” “Ya, they do, they don’t like to hurt people. They do it to protect themselves.” “Oh, Hmmm” I pondered, a little confused as to whether he was joking (which I don’t thing that he was). I guess to be safe I will have to watch out for those people bashing elephants.