On the topic of the animals here in Goa. we have an animal that I only know by the name of bush-cat currently climbing up the inside of our well. It fell in while climbing through the chicu trees. Rachel and Jaya were looking in the well and saying ahh poor little cat, then at the same time of realizing that it wasn’t a cat they gasped eww is it a rat! A huge rat in our well water!!!! they took a closer look and could not figure out what is was. Some kind of cat looking creature with a long nose, more like a possum. I’ve seen one in Sierra Leone, in fact I held it in my lap. I was too scared to move or pet it much though, because although it was a pet it wasn’t quite tame, and it hissed a lot.
So now the poor bush-cat possum thing that has been curled up, hurt and hungry is trying with all it’s might to climb up the side of the well. The poor little fury creature reminds me of Westly in the princess bride, held tightly to the cliffs of insanity, with our makeshift rope of sheets tied together and lowered to him hoping he grabs hold and climbs out to freedom…

He has made it out! During the night sometime the little nocturnal creature made it. Just in time too because with all of the rains lately, the little ledge that he had been curled up on just above the water is now completely covered. He would have drowned without a place to rest and gather strength if he hadn’t made it out last night.