I went to the guest house down the road to have a glass of port with C (another friend who just arrived). When we sat down at a table to order, my chair was quite uncomfortable, along with all of the other available chairs except one which a guy was using as a foot rest. I went up to the guy and asked him if I could exchange my chair for the chair his foot was resting on, as I was asking him I noticed that he had crutches, so the words that escaped my mouth before I had time to think, and before I realized his legs were crippled, were
“ohh, your foot is hurt” in a tone that really says, Ohh poor thing, bless your heart. He answered by saying “yah, take it but you will probably brake it, I don’t know if it will support your weight.”
I take the chair too shocked to be embarrassed (just yet), and a little amused at his quick (not very nice) wit.
After a few moments, and wanting to make sure all was right between us I asked
“Do you think I am really fat, that I would crush the chair (trying to sound humorously hurt) see I haven’t broken it yet.”
“I’ll give it about half an hour”
“So you think I am such a big person I will really brake …”
“you have already said that” he answered cutting me off.
Then I gave a little awkward laugh, not sure If he was really joking after all. As if reading my thoughts he said,
“I am just joking with you, you know, right.”
“Oh yah, I am just joking too.” I answered not knowing what just happened.