Waking up to the pitter patter of monkey feet on the roof is nice, it’s just the knowledge that more monkey bodies come, bashing onto to the roof as they swing from the trees. Even that wouldn’t be so bad (it wouldn’t be bad at all) if it didn’t mean clay shingles would brake by there force, therefore leaky roofs, therefore having a mental argument with my half awake brain whether or not I should get out of bed to scare them away. It is so hard for me to force myself out of bed when I don’t want to. When I was on the ship I woke up before my roommates, well my alarm clock woke up before my roommates, and they would have to wake me up because I never woke up before my roommates (say that three times fast). I would always have some crazy dream which would essentially be my sub-conscience trying to give my brain a reason to keep sleeping. Once I dreamt that I was a contestant on a game show, and I had a buzzer in front of me. The way to win the game was to press the buzzer the fastest every time an alarm sounded. So I had my hand hovered above the buzzer along with all the other contestants. I was doing pretty good until I heard from another world a gentle but firm voice calling my name. I woke up with my alarm clock in my hands and my finger resting on the snooze button ready for action.