I have been in my pink house for a few days now. Glorious, ( I have been useing that word a lot lately to desribe just about everyting) absolutely glorius. I love the energy of this place (Arombol is the name of the town), there are tons of hippies travelers, Russians, Isreali’s, people from everywhere. There are also tons of cows that rome the streets and the beach. I have a goal to befriend one cow so that it follows me everywhere and becomes my little buddy. That’s not asking to much is it? I even have an Indian boy here on the look out for a good cow friend for me. I haven’t had internet so now I am in an airconditioned little internet cafe along the main strip in arombol. The airconditoning is a wonderful comfort becuase we’re quite a walk from “town” or should I say strip. Me and Cate bought bikes after all (not the pink bike) but it’s only one speed so unless I am actually going downhill it takes a lot of work.  All the locals smile at us, because they’re not used to seeing foreigners  with bicycles, one guy reached out today and rang my bike bell. The cool foreigners maybe think we aren’t so cool though. Today a Russian guy drove buy Cate staring at her bike and she smiled and said “are you jealous of my bike” his lips quivered with disgust as he said “absolutely not” reved his motorcycle engine and drove away. I absolutely love Cate for that. Hilarious.