I am looking back over my 28th birthday and it was nice. If you could here my voice (or the voice in my head anyway) when I say nice, it would be a refreshing end of the day contemplative sort of nice. My birthday celebration started off last night with a little surprise party,because Kai wanted to be able to celebrate my birthday and he can’t today because he’s gone all day for surgery. Dear sweet boy, I would squeeze him to pieces if he would let me. So as I walked into Rae’s house last night on my way to the meditation I was greeted with little pajama clothed children shouting Happy birthday Renee!  And then I was truly surprised when the silence of our meditation time was broken up with clanging pot lids and flowers showered over me, and those same edible children bearing gifts of balloons with face drawings and Kai’s whispered instructions that I must tape the end of the string onto my window so the balloons could dangle down my wall.  

Today for my birthday I decided I would simply enjoy my day. I had my birthday cake for breakfast, giggled a bit with my new adorable roomates Kat and Jocilyn. Read a little bit , day dreamed a little bit, played a bit of my Mbira placed the flowers from last night in my windowsill and swung my legs as I dangled in my hammock chair, and that was basically the relaxed thread of the day. There was also dancing on the beach in the moonlight, tea and playing skip-bo with a 28 year old 18 year old 4 year old and three year old.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now doesn’t that sound like a nice day?