I am now living in the himalayas. They are stunning of course. The scenery outside our front porch is full of hills, trees, flowers, and snowy mountain peaks in the misty horizon. This is the kind of beauty that can take your breath away, but for me, when I am sitting in an old church building with airy light flooding into the ancient windows and a little lady bug is crawling along my flowery skirt, or when I am getting dressed in the morning and notice in the mirror a lady bug on my collor bone, that’s when I enjoy nature most. When I am sitting on a bench in the morning eating oranges and chai with my friends and three donkeys are crowding around us with there heads in our faces hoping we’ll share our food. When I am walking down a street in Goa with colorful old portugese houses and bouginvillea flowers carried along with the wind as if they are dancing fairys. When the wind is God whispering life into creation, flowers, leaves, my hair and puppy fur all flowing in the same breeze that is when I enjoy nature most.