Oh dear, it has been almost a year since blogging. Maybe I should start simple. I am back home… again. India has come and gone, and in that time I have taught West African dance, learned to Hula Hoop, meditated on God a lot. Burned my leg on a motorcycle and moped exhaust, ridden a camel and elephant, you know the usual. I am back home for a while now. I have decided to go back to college. I am renting a sweet little apartment, with a yard. I have never had a yard before, I am at the moment googling how to fill a yard with wildflowers, and have started a veggie and herb garden. I will take some pictures of my garden and post it soon. I also have all these plans for the summer to find the wild veggies and fruit and pick them like crazy. We have figs in my town and lots of blackberry bushes. I also have the wild idea of learning to skateboard. Maybe I’ll be seen skating around with a bushel basket, straw hat and juice stained clothing.