I am trying out the whole etsy thing. Crafting my own business; literally, and I think I have really found my niche. I love it. I can go for hours just cutting material, take a breather and then go for more. I love so many things, to read, write, dance… but crafting is the one thing that has always come the easiest for me. It’s one thing that I can look back on and remember, so many things that I have created without self doubt. Of course now that I am creating things to be purchased by others, I do have a little anxiety, a little self doubt, but it’s so much less than when I taught dance class or started writing and sharing my words with others. I am going to try and do better to keep up this blog, do more than the once a year posting ;-), but I am also gonna start a craft blog soon, to get my etsy business going. My “business” name is renaisydaisy and I have a renaisydaisy.com that I am working on right now. My etsy shop is Renaisydaisydesigns and once I get my business card I will really start posting a lot of my products and my craft blog is going to be renaisydaisy.wordpress.com  here are some pics of my stuff