I am in a coffee shop right now, typing under the covering of an inspiring wall hanging with a quote, “success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.”  Quotes like this one hit me as a little bitter sweet. It inspires me because I believe that it is true… when you live in a country with that kind of freedom. I do, and I have been able to take  time to create beautiful skirts to sell on etsy. I am creating what is beautiful to me and on my time. However not everyone gets that opportunity. If you live somewhere, where all you can do is is work 16 hours in a hot factory just to keep your family fed, doing only what you love is a luxury. However I have been places where although the average person doesn’t have the luxury to pick and choose the way they earn their income, they are still joyful. It is because it is not what they love but who they love that they are able to surround themselves with, and that is the community around them.



This Picture was taken on a beach in India. I don’t know who took it, I had a lot of fantastic photographer friends and I found this on my computer.